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Our mission is to prepare students with skill-set learning, quality performance, and transition to productive and responsible participation in the salon. We are committed to upgrading our professional beauty industry to meet the demands of the present and the opportunities for the future.

Schools are required to fulfill all State Board of Cosmetology requirements for licensing. It is their express goal to ensure the health and safety of California consumers by promoting ethical standards and by enforcing the laws of the beauty industry.  

Unfortunately, this does not address the creativity, the individuality, or the working skills of a successful stylist.

After many years of traveling the globe providing salon education, it became our wish to close this gap and propel students directly into the working world. Raising the bar in our industry begins with students.

There are many classes available to professionals, but very few for students. Most classes are hosted by manufacturers to promote product sales. Our classes are focused on the skill, not  product.

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Updo Madness- Learn the tricks to runway, red carpet, and salon looks...


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Bridging the gap

Between school and salon!

Updo Mania

Sean Arthur Salon

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We use and recommend these products.


We use and recommend these products.

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